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  • Innovative approach.

    With the world changing fast, you need a payroll and workforce management system that delivers the agility to move fast and the flexibility to meet the needs of all types of workers (full time, part time, contingent, contractors, gig or digital). We give you a system to do just that.

  • Intelligent automation that saves time.

    From empowering your workforce to automating processes for time and payroll professionals, we deliver efficiency so you can focus on being a strategic partner to the business.

  • Flexibility to adapt.

    Whether you need to move resources around or set up new processes, our flexible system makes it possible. You can rest easy knowing your workforce is prepared to meet change.

  • Insights and analytics for decision making.

    Give your managers insights to make the right decisions at the right time. Digytals enables you to visualize workforce costs and trends, identify the root cause, and take action—all in one place.

Offer letter to onboarded – in minutes

No matter where in the world you are hiring and onboarding, Digytals sets up your workforce to work compliantly in minutes. Create a custom contract that’s compliant with local laws, send it to sign, and they’ll get onboarded almost instantly.

Leave compliance & local laws to us

Being the legal, HR, and accounting expert for every country would be tough. Our global network of local expert partners ensures all things hiring follow regional laws and tax rules so your team can work wherever they reside.

Protect your business with the right contracts

If you’re not localizing your contracts to suit the local laws of each country you’re hiring in, your business is absorbing a lot of risk.

  • Edit, send and sign contracts in minutes from your Digytals dashboard
  • Unlike other providers, we localize our contracts for both employees and contractors
  • We constantly review our contracts to stay ahead of any changes in local laws

Make sure your team is set up to work correctly

Every country has different requirements on what documentation businesses need to ensure their team is working compliantly. We handle everything

  • Get the right documentation in place for every employee and contractor
  • Automatically collect taxes, permits, and any necessary compliance documents
  • Keep a record of every document in one place and easily see if anything is missing

You hire the employees, we take on the liability

When you hire employees with Digytals, we take on all of the responsibility to make sure you’re compliant with local laws.

  • We make sure all the right taxes, social contributions and other government fees are paid
  • All mandatory local benefits, like health insurance and pensions, are handled for you
  • We handle payroll, payslips and all things HR admin so you can focus on your business

File taxes for your global team members in seconds

When working with contractors from the US, Europe or anywhere in the world, there are strict requirements to manage local taxes. To make it simple, we have automated the entire process.

  • We’ll generate all your income tax forms (like W9s and W8s in the US) for your employees automatically. Relevant tax forms for all countries globally are already on our portal and the appropriate forms will be generated automatically.
  • File all your contractor’s taxes directly to the tax authorities with one-click, right from your dashboard.
  • Keep a neat record of everything all in one place.

Stay compliant with GDPR

Depending on which countries your customers live, you may need your team to sign Data Protection Agreements.

  • Create, send, and sign DPA agreements all through your Digytals dashboard
  • Our DPA agreement covers you for privacy laws all around the globe
  • Store and access every signed DPA agreement in a single place

Data security you can rely on

We take data security and compliance very seriously.

  • Authenticate access to your Digytals account with Single Sign On
  • Our entire information security program is built on the ISO 27001 framework
  • We’re fully GDPR compliant, so your data remains encrypted

Companies that trust Digytals to deliver for them

Digytals has everything you need to compliantly hire, pay and manage contractors and employees in multiple countries. Think onboarding, contracts, expense management, benefits, payroll and built-in compliance for your international teams.