Global Solutions Provider for all your Contract Staffing, Contingent Workforce (CWF) & Employer of Record (EOR) needs.

Our solutions are technology driven, with ‘on the ground’ operations managed ourselves. We offer wholesale prices, so that companies and service providers are not burdened with additional costs. We make it easy for you to hire staff globally, so that the world is your playground.

Digytals onboards CWF/EOR personnel in minutes and sets up their bank accounts, direct deposits, taxes, tax contributions, payment schedules, in realtime. And it doesn’t stop there, we offer all support services as well, including settling expenses, arranging visas, work permits, accommodation, transportation, communication and equipment for people to become functional as soon as possible.

Digytals also manages and pays all taxes, medical, dental, vision, commute reimbursement, flex spending accounts, paid time off, paid sick leave and other cultural or location-specific benefits.

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Digytals has helped clients expand to new geographies, by levering ‘on-the-ground’ network to handle and fully comply with all local employment and payroll regulations. From a simple payroll solution, to complex and time critical EOR scenarios,

Digytals is the partner for you

With Digytals Contract Staffing/CWF/EOR services, we will offer to:
  • Arrange all visas and work permits for the employee including family visas request.
  • Setup and manage international employees’ direct deposits, taxes, tax contributions, payment schedules, and provided services related to payroll-related matter, accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Provide a registered entity for running a local, compliant payroll inside the country and compliant tax filings, registration, and more as mandated by local laws.
  • Meet all host country labor laws pertaining to local contracts and worker protections
  • Manage all the medical, dental, vision, commute reimbursement, flex spending accounts, paid time off, paid sick leave and other cultural or location-specific benefits.
  • Advise the client of required notice periods, termination rules and severance pay
  • Provide additional services like expense reimbursements, bonus payouts, arranging accommodation, transportation and procuring equipment like laptops, printers and other office needs.
Benefit from our one-stop solution for your staffing needs:
  • No Need for Local Incorporation
  • Immigration Compliance
  • Running a Local Payroll in the Host Country


Proven Performance & Stability
Instant Onboarding
Specialized Focus
Consultative Approach
Wholesale pricing, so you grow faster
On-time Payroll Assistance

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The world is our marketplace

Digytals considers the world as its marketplace. With our constantly evolving products and services portfolio, we have customers and end users worldwide. We believe in reaching out to all markets, with products and services refined to meet local needs, culture, language and understanding.

Companies that trust Digytals to deliver for them

Digytals has everything you need to compliantly hire, pay and manage contractors and employees in multiple countries. Think onboarding, contracts, expense management, benefits, payroll and built-in compliance for your international teams.