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Digytals is a premier provider of fully managed payroll outsourcing services. No matter how many employees your business has, or if your needs are domestic or international, we have a solution for you.

Payroll processing demands a great deal of time and attention. It often comes at the cost of valuable time that could otherwise be spent on focusing on your core business. By outsourcing your payroll to Digytals, you will have more time to focus on what matters the most.

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You deserve a partner who understands your needs and helps simplify the complex. When it comes to payroll management systems — whether you’re paying one employee or many — Digytals Payroll Management system checks every box.

Tax Calculation & Filing

Focus on your business while we track and apply changing tax laws.

  • Filing of your payroll taxes with your appropriate agencies
  • Time savings and reduced risk of penalties for late or inaccurate payments
Accurate Payroll Calculations

Accurate Tax Liability Calculation Guarantee

Federal, state, and local taxes filing and deposit

  • Payroll tax calculation
  • Payroll tax payment

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Gain insights from up-to-date payroll, employee, benefits, and status reports.

  • View and download customizable reports
  • Eliminate manual errors with an integrated timeclock
  • Integrate with your accounting software to streamline tracking

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For Global/ International Businesses, we have a more comprehensive solution for managing Payroll. Digytals brings 20 years of experience of Payroll Outsourcing Services.

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The world is our marketplace

Digytals considers the world as its marketplace. With our constantly evolving products and services portfolio, we have customers and end users worldwide. We believe in reaching out to all markets, with products and services refined to meet local needs, culture, language and understanding.

Companies that trust Digytals to deliver for them

Digytals has everything you need to compliantly hire, pay and manage contractors and employees in multiple countries. Think onboarding, contracts, expense management, benefits, payroll and built-in compliance for your international teams.